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Enson Market is an Asian market is a local food store that primarily caters to a single particular Asian cultural group but additionally caters to other immigrant groups who do not have easy access to foodstuffs from their country of origin. These markets go farther than a typical market in that they sell quintessential general merchandise, goods, and services related to specific Asian countries of origin and immigrant communities. They are prevalent in Asian enclaves in the United States and Canada.

Fish From Tanks, Produce & Imported Goods
Plus An On-Site Bakery.

Asian supermarkets carry items and ingredients generally well-suited for Asian cuisines and simply not found in most Western supermarkets.

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Enson Market is a unique place for purchasing Asian groceries.

It mainly focuses on supermarket retail, and integrates foreign trade import and wholesale enterprises. It is affiliated to the Enson Group Catering Wholesale Integrated Group. Enson Martet, acting as a bridge between China and the United States, has continuously brought "Chinese food" and other Asian food to the United States, not only presenting the taste of hometown to the dining table of the overseas Chinese, but also bringing ancient and extensive food to the table. Chinese "food" culture has flourished in North America, making it one of the favorite flavors on the American tongue.

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The supermarket sells tens of thousands of items, with an average supermarket area of 15,000 square feet, employs more than 1,000 people, serves tens of thousands of customers on an average day, and has annual sales of thousands of dollars per square foot. It has established relationships with thousands of well-known Chinese and American suppliers. The long-term good and mutually beneficial business cooperation relationship has developed into the largest Chinese supermarket chain enterprise in the eastern United States.

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